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Here is a Brief Overview of how this site is laid out..........

Whenever a "Gav's Pink Floyd CD Label ScaNZ" is visible (top right), it can be used to get back to the HOME Page.

On any of the Pink Floyd CD pages (example below) the FLAG icon can be used to see other Pink Floyd CD's from that Country. The ALBUM icon is used in the same way but to see other Albums with the same Title. Both of these icon types are accessable from the HOME page.

Please note that on any of pages featuring the SOLO works of the band members, the Album icon is replaced with a Solo Artist icon. This will take you back to the Mainpage for that Artist. The Flags on these Solo pages are not a links. The Solo Artist Mainpages are accessable from the HOME page also.

See below for an example of how most of the pages are set out. Hopefully this will all fall into place once you start looking around the site.